Developing a custom software or website for your business can get really expensive. Yes we know that, thats why we established Zaz Cloud Solutions.

We transform those ideas of yours very quickly, effeciently and yes, all at an affordable cost.



 Distinguishing your company from the rest in today’s digital revolution is all about relating to the customer more than your competitors.

whether is the right  colors, name, logo marketing message, you always want to give your clients what they want before they even figure it out.

Having Problems collecting data from your clients ?   Having problems keeping your staff honest ? Having problems getting real time updates on you companies activities ?

Having problems getting documents signed and approved on time because senior staffs for whatever reason don,t approve.

Whether you run a hospital, Fashion/Tailoring Shop, retail shop, school, real estate, bank or charity we can build for you, a cloud application that streamlines your companies workflow and eliminate all manual processes.

Check out (Tailara) our Flagship Tailoring Application we built for Tailors.

We Took a Fully Paper Operating Clinic and built a streamlined cloud application with Productive Automations

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Every project we work on is designed with our clients target audience in mind, hence we design with your clientele in mind