Best Software Development Company in Ghana

Best Software Company in Ghana

Written by Zaz Cloud Solutions

April 4, 2022

Factors to consider before Choosing Best Software Company in Ghana

Finding out the best software company in Ghana means Finding the Software Company that Builds software applications intended to solve the exact needs of their clients . Though this is very obvious, the “Best”could mean different things to different clients. so we would look at 5 core factors that influence a companies decision as to whether a software company is good or in this case “The Best”  These 5 factors are:

Software Deliverability

Duration of Development

Cost of Development

Ease of Use (UI & UX)



1) Software Application Deliverability

This is the first thing companies are interested in. They want to know if you can Build the application they are requesting. The best way to know this for sure is by looking at software applications that the said company has built. Do not take any excuse as to why they cant show you a demo of what they have built.

2) Duration of Development

An efficient software company is one that can Roll out an operational software application in a descent amount of time usually 1 to 24 Months Depending on the complexity of the Software in question. In 2022 a Good Software Company should be able to develop your desired application in a month, for very basic applications.

3) Cost of Development

Businesses all over the word are trying to make profits with very little expenses as possible. So Paying $3000 to $24,000 for a basic application is a price that most business arent willing to pay. So when a software company Gives you very reasonable and affordable prices like $1000 to $1500 for a basic application, after meeting the Requirements of Factors 1 and 2, you should take these as clear signs that they are Good at what they do.

4) Ease of Use (UI & UX)

A Good software company should be able to build an application with a very easy to use USER INTERFACE (UI) and give its users a positive USER EXPERIENCE (UX)

5) Scalability

A Good software company should be able to build an application that is scalable, meaning the application should be able to handle Old and New Tasks as the user Base Grows.

Having Said all that the only software company which delivers on all 5 Factors extremely well in Ghana is 

So the Undisputed Best Software Company in Ghana is Zaz Cloud Solutions.

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