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Frequently Asked Questions

How Quick can i have my website built?

We could have your website up and running in a week if its an urgent project, however our standard delivery time is in a month

How Quick can i have my cloud application built?

We build cloud applications from scratch, meaning every single field, button and functionality are your ideas. In other words, you (the client) play a critical role in how fast the software is built.

After Development we use a week to monitor the feasibility of the application in real-life use and make necessary tweaks.

We could have your cloud application up and running in 60 Days if it’s an urgent project, however, our standard delivery time is 90 Days. But it all depends on the functionalities of the application you want us to build.

Do you Build Ecommerce websites

Yes we do, and will do a seamless payment integration so you can accept Mtn mobile money, Airteltigo Money, Vodafonecash, Visa & Master cards

How Quick is Customer support

Customer support is almost instant. Have a question ? You will immediatel reach us via email, chat or mobile and we will respond immediately.

Whats the cost ?

Every Business has diffent use case snearious and funtions for their website, same with Cloud applications, so pricing is Discussed when you reach out

Do you Build Custom Cloud Applications ?

We build every software from scratch, so as to get the software tailored to fit your specific needs. We dont believe in off the shelf cloud applications as every business has its own unique workflows.

why should i chose zaz cloud solutions ?

When you become a client, our ultimate mission is to make sure you get exactly what you had in mind before reaching out to us, and then some.

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