Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Zaz Cloud Solutions.

How much does a website cost ?


The Price of a website cannot be a fixed amount, because the price is determined by the features the client would want on thier website. Certain custom features like an integrated CRM would mean a CRM licsense needs to be purchased for the client. which will push the price upwards.

However at Zaz, we make sure we include all the basic feautures that a standard website must have:

(SSL certificates, Links to Social Media, Intuitive Navigation, Mobile optimization, Basic SEO, Modern Design, Internal links, Easy to navigate menu, This would ussualy cost the clients any where upwards from 5700 GHS.

Having a company like Zaz cloud solutions Obsessed with utilizing the latest technologies in our projects with cost effective modules, makes all your Design dreams possible without breaking the bank.


How Long will it take to build my website ?

The Length of a website project depends on  the functionalities of the website, clients pace to responding to design mock-ups and other variables.

But at Zaz cloud solutions an average website design will take a mimimum of  4 weeks

How much will a custom cloud software solution cost ?

Pricing is dependent on the workflows, and automated configurations required in the application.

Our Cloud software applications requires every user to have a licesense, so the overall price of your cloud application is based on how many licences you need to buy, in other words how many of your employees will need to use the Software.

The Development Cost of your cloud application is another variable. However at Zaz we have the Best Development cost in Ghana. Development for a basic application is affordable to all business. Reach us for a Quote.


How Long will it take to build a custom cloud application ?

Depending on the workflows, and automated configurations required in the software, an average software application can take between 3-6 Months

How Flexible are your payment terms ?

At Zaz we believe every business should be able to have a digital solution for thier business so we make payments very flexible depending on the project. 

The bottom line here is we do not reject clients due to price factor but rather educate you on what tools are needed to make you succeed in your business

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