We Build and design websites that are mobile responsive and SEO friendly. We also take pride in securing your websites with SSL certifications and providing our clients with professional email accounts e.g John@your

Cloud Software development

We visit your company, understand your operational workflows and business proceses and then design a custom cloud application that streamlines you business for productivity and give you real time reports on your phone or what ever device you prefer, regardless of where you are. (Even when you are abroad)

Digital Marketing

We provide Social Media Digital marketing based on your target audience. we help you reach your perfect customers (Customers most likely to buy your product or service) We also provide our clients with a custom CRM to manage their customers efficiently, so they can provide the best Customer experience to keep thier clients satisfied


Distinguishing your company from the rest in today’s digital revolution is all about relating to the customer more than your competitors. whether is the right  colors, name, logo marketing message, you always want to give your clients what they want before they even figure it out.

Web Design

Website have become a must have tool for most businesses, because customers want to check you out from afar. Though that is very correct. they also want to browse your site in a seamless engaging manner. Meaning mobile is the future and you should make it all about the customer experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines like Google make money off Ads but keeps organic results all about content. Meaning if your website is not optimized with the right rich content you do poorly on Google rankings. S.E.O is an ongoing content strategy . We can be your S.E.O partner to get the best results.

Information Architecture

 organizing and structuring content on your website, mobile applications, and social media is integral to your brand. We will help you keep the core of your Brands message across all platforms with marketing analytics that throws more light on your unique  offerings to your clients.

Content Strategy

You might at this point already know content is key to getting more leads and eventually customers that stick with you long term. However planning and executing content takes granular assessment of your target audience  to know what they want and don,t want. Having constant surveys and deep analytics embeded in your site is crucial to taking the pulse of your clients at every statge of thier customer journey with you.

Paperless Office

Having Problems collecting data from your clients ?   Having problems keeping your staff honest ? Having problems getting real time updates on you companies activities ? Having problems getting documents signed and approved on time because senior staffs for whatever reason don,t approve.

Whether you run a hospital, retail shop, a company, a school, real estate, a bank or a charity we can build for you, a Cloud Application that streamlines your companies workflow and eliminate all manual processes.


Work with a Team of Talented Developers

Developing great products is only possible with a trully talented, dedicated and united team. At Zaz we collectively have that deep desire to assist our clients build up thier companies and businesses.

Zaz Cloud Solutions Male Developers

Our Latest Projects

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What We Do Best

Trully understanding what your business does and the ideal customers that generates revenue for your company helps us grow your company to unimaginable hieghts

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Our processes are deeply rooted within Understanding what problems our clients are solving for thier customers, and how efficient and frictionless we can make this on both parties.

Yes there are a lot of moving parts to this dynamics but in a not shell ounce the customer is happy with what he/she is paying for and our clients happy with a profit driven system that works.  we say our Mission is Accomplished

Regardless of what solution you want to implent for your business. We are the company to talk to. why ? With all honesty we trully care about your growth.

Project Research

We study your industry to have an in-depth undertanding on your market segment 

Your Unique workflow

We examine, understand and with your help redifine your workflow in some cases


We then Design a custom Solution that fits your business . Custom Cloud software applications in the case of a software or Results driven websites.


We provide effictive Onboarding support that makes transition a breeze