Requirements to use Tailara


1) To Test the software all you need is a  monthly hosting plan (200 GHS)

2) After your trial ends, You will need to get a hosting plan & a Tailara license plan per business to continue using the software.

NB: The Tailara License is a one-time payment you make for the software per business. After which you only continue to pay for the Hosting of the software. 

Hosting Cost for Tailara

Tailara License Cost

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Hosting Plans have been converted from Dollars to Cedis, so hosting plans are regularly updated with Dollar to Cedi Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients always have questions, but these are the frequently asked ones.

Does Tailara Have a mobile APP ?

Yes. Tailara is installed in a container app called Zoho Creator. You can find it on the App Store (IOS) and Playstore (Android).

After downloading the Zoho Creator app, all you need is to log in and have Zaz Cloud Solutions install the Tailara application inside Zoho Creator (The Container App)

How much do i pay after trial ?

Since you need a hosting plan & a Tailara License Plan after the Trial, the amount you pay is dependent on the plans you choose.

Let’s say you choose a monthly hosting plan which is 200 GHS and an installment Tailara License plan which requires a 2,500 GHS deposit.

You will be paying 2,700 GHS to start using the software.

Since the (Tailara License plan) is paid quarterly (every 3 months), your next payment will be just for your (monthly hosting plan) which is 200 GHS

You get to pay the  2nd Instalment of the Tailara License plan, 3 months after the initial 2,500 GHS Deposit

Can i choose an installment Tailara license plan and later decide to switch to the upfront Tailara Licesnse full payment plan ??

No, you cant. Once the first payment is made on the Tailara License plan you choose, you can’t change the plan.

NB: if you choose the full payment Tailara License plan, you are never again paying for the Tailara License.

How much do i pay for another user

The same amount you paid for the initial hosting per user is the same amount you pay for another user. 


How do i learn to use the software

You could find all Training Videos on the Tailara Youtube Channel Click here

How are payments made?

Payments are made via Visa, Master Card, Mtn Momo, AirtelTigo Money, Vodafone Cash, and Apple Pay. 

The payment page shows up once you have chosen a plan. 

What happens when i don,t pay for my hosting plan or Tailara License plan

Your access to the application will be revoked as soon as the month ends. NB: Your monthly access is renewed 30 days from the payment date.

The same rule applies to the Tailara License plan, your access will be revoked when the Tailara License plan is not paid 90 days from each deposit.

You will receive email notifications when payment dates are approaching.

When do i stop paying for the Tailara License plan?

If you choose the Full Tailara License plan, you never get to pay for the Tailara License plan again per user. it’s a one-time payment per user.

If you choose the installment payment, you only stop paying when the full Payment has been made over a year payment period, after which you never get to pay for the Tailara License plan again for that user.

What happens when i open up a new branch for my business?

If you continue to add more users to the same hosting account, you pay only for hosting the new users.

But if you decide to open up a new branch and decide to purchase a separate hosting account to keep your records and finances separate from the users of the new account you will have to pay for a Tailara license for that account.

Do i have to keep paying for all the plans forever ?

No. The Hosting plan is the only plan you get to pay for forever since the software is a cloud application.

Tailara License plans are one-time payments per user, once payments are paid in full on either plan (full payment) or (Instalment payment), you never have to pay for the Tailara License plan for that particular user.

Don,t understand something ?

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