Tailara (Tailor Management Software)

Know exactly when each of your customers is coming for their Dress at a glance so as to avoid disappointing them but also to be aware of the orders you have pending, so you can decide to stop taking orders when you don’t have the production capacity to handle more orders.

Tailor-Fix Order Request Calendar

Payments at a Glance

Going through payments made to your business has never been easier. Rather than flip through Notebooks, Do a quick search on the client whose payments you want to see or just look at those who owe. However you decide, the oprions are all possible.

Tailor-Fix All Payments Report


Recording your client’s measurement has never been easier. Recording these Measurements in the application allows you to quickly search for a client’s measurement record but also lets you update them when the cients gain or loose weight.

Tailor-Fix All Payments Report


We have completely Automated this Process, while you are Filling out the order request form, the Tailara Application automatically creates an invoice for that client. This Can either be Printed or Sent to the Clients via Whatsapp or any other preferred communication medium.

Invoice for Mr Delight Musah-1

Deliver Your Clients Designs as Requested

 Keeping Track of every detailed request made by all your clients is almost impossible when you try to memorize them. Luckily Tailara Helps you Record all those Requests. Recording Detailed Requests of what your client wants over time gives you an insight as to what they like and don’t like or in some cases what they are starting to like. This way you can always keep them happy and build trust with your clients. 

Tailor-Fix Order Request Form